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Jun. 3rd, 2009

  • 11:07 AM
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Kings of Leon have lately turned me into an unbearable hipper-than-thou I prefer their earlier work kind of person. And I know exactly how annoying this kind of person is, but I can't help myself. KoL have always been pretty big in the UK, but these days I can't turn a street corner without hearing Sex on Fire blasting out of someone's car or house. And just, like... move on from Sex on Fire, okay, kids?! Or rather, move backwards. Yes, SOF is an audio delight, and I know KoL are very appealing now they're a vaguely alternative boyband, but back when they were sleazy southern rockers they were pretty fucking good, too.

(My neighbour plays Only by the Night about a hundred times a day at full volume, and it's beginning to disrupt my mental stability.)

This is by way of saying that their new single is going to be Notion and they put the video up yesterday, and even though I think Notion is kind of a really dull song, new KoL videos thrill me. Caleb/Wall OTP.

Kings Of Leon - Notion

(It lacks Caleb writhing around on a bed and being physically held down by Nathan and Jared, so is not as good as the sex on fire video, obviously.)


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