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  • Jul. 13th, 2009 at 6:24 PM
mojo: (claire 6fu)
I've been out of the loop and got way behind on flist for a few days, first from being crazy busy with conference stuff, then from partying/sleeping all weekend.

Conference was generally good, interesting, intense, political, exhausting, other such things. I found giving my paper completely traumatic and don't really feel that good about it at all, so whatever, I am forgetting about it and moving on!

I've never seen Torchwood before, but on Saturday, lying in bed and kind of hungover, I decided to watch all five hours of 'Children of Earth' on iplayer.

I had gathered from 90392 LJ posts that it was going to be traumatic and somebody was going to die (and I figured out it was Ianto, despite... not really knowing who Ianto was), but I thought since I'd never watched the show I wouldn't be invested and it wouldn't be particularly devastating. But... it still kind of was! I managed to get terribly invested in Ianto in the first few episodes. I thought the scenes with his sister were just beautiful.

So I'm not having, like, the grieving process that some people are, but I can imagine why people are so upset about it all. I generally thought it was a really well put together, engaging and sometimes quite powerful self-contained five hours of TV.

Last episode? Um, HARROWING. Frobisher's murder/suicide ending? Christ. I thought it was mostly brilliantly done, actually, but, just. This was not a crazy sci fi sex alien comic caper, was it? It was all just really wrenching and awful. Thanks, Torchwood!

Half tempted to go and watch earlier episodes now, even though I gather they were mostly pretty bad. Only half tempted. Resisting so far.


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